People of Principality that make up the character of our community. Even if it is a familiar face, hopefully you’ll learn something new.

Helene Guillaume

Entrepreneur Helene Guillaume was speaking at the International University of Monaco Thursday. The founder of the WILD.AI app is transforming an industry through sports performance and female health with data. She has partnerships with Adidas and Garmin and made quite an impression on Dragon’s Den.

Serena Benedetti Roy

Who hasn’t suffered from a sweaty bra worn under a summer dress? Monaco’s Serena Benedetti Roy comes to the rescue with The Fresh Bra™, protecting your clothes from perspiration while supporting you in all the right places.

Top Marques Monaco 2023

Monaco resident Nunzio La Vecchia brings his nanoFlowcell technology to Top Marques. The E-roadster QUANTiNO twentyfive can be fuelled with salt water.


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