People of Principality that make up the character of our community. Even if it is a familiar face, hopefully you’ll learn something new.

Svetlana Berezovsky

Shortly after Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, Svetlana and Igor Berezovsky started to organise support for refugees coming to Monaco. “While Ukrainians are very thankful, they all want to go back home after Ukraine wins the war.”

Host Family For Ukrainians

Inspired by Facebook posts of her friends and family in Poland offering “anything and everything” to the millions of Ukrainian refugees crossing the border, Emilia Romagnoli has opened her weekend home to two families.

Johanna Houdrouge

Johanna Houdrouge is VP of a major import-export company in Monaco and as president of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Monaco, she wants to pass on the message that women, like men, are responsible and competent leaders who keep the human factor at the heart of their concerns.


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