People of Principality that make up the character of our community. Even if it is a familiar face, hopefully you’ll learn something new.

It’s A Dog’s Life Monaco

Compassion for canines is a part of Jessica Fry’s genetic code. “My parents rescued their first dog together on their honeymoon in Bali in the Seventies and flew her back to the UK where she became my Protector-in-Chief when I was born,” says Jessica. The freelance business developer grew up in the countryside “surrounded by…

Petites Primas

Jodie Penasa was eight years old when a friend told her about ballet. “It sparked an interest for me for some reason,” she remembers fondly. “And when I asked my mum if I could go to dance classes, she was shocked. I was a very shy child.” Once Jodie put on her ballet shoes, she…

Helene Guillaume

Entrepreneur Helene Guillaume was speaking at the International University of Monaco Thursday. The founder of the WILD.AI app is transforming an industry through sports performance and female health with data. She has partnerships with Adidas and Garmin and made quite an impression on Dragon’s Den.


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