Caro Cuinet Wellings, photographer & writer

Caro is short for Caroline. I was born in France, and grew up in a small village near Aix-en-Provence. I knew from a very young age that I’d travel, live abroad and speak English and that is what I did.

On my way back from a Hebrew lesson, during my LLCE degree at the Université de Lettres of Aix en Provence, I found a poster in a corridor that advertised about PGCE -Post Graduate Certificate of Education. I applied and got accepted into St Martin’s University in Lancaster. I was going to be a secondary school teacher, teaching French as a foreign language. I began that career in August 2000 in Kenya. I then came back to the UK to teach in London. After 5 years there, I moved to Dubai to teach in an International School. I met my now husband on day 2 of me being there. 6 months later, we were engaged. James is British but we got married in my village in the South of France in July 2008. We found out I was pregnant in Como, during our honeymoon, when I realised I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee anymore. Our first daughter was born in Dubai in April 2009.

Teaching filled my life. It really did. I was a good teacher, I could coach students and staff, I worked on Learning & Teaching Policies and took part in real exciting innovative work. But when the idea of moving to Malaysia came into play, after a 12 year career in Education, I decided to explore a new path for myself. We moved to KL, Malaysia after 5 years in Dubai. This move was a tough one as I embarked on setting up a photography business, with little knowledge of how to run one, barely the skills to take photos and no more friends to support. Our second daughter was born in March 2014, followed by a post-natal depression. We lived for 6 years in KL, a city I absolutely adore, even though it wasn’t love at first sight. It is a place paved by fabulous friendships, fantastic trips, even better food, big heartaches and discoveries and also great courage.

Moving to France in the summer of 2018 was a big leap after 20 years abroad, I feel like an expat in my home country, to say simply. This is perhaps the hardest move I have ever had to make. I recognised a series of depressions throughout the years that led me to a very intense psychotherapy before I left Asia. I am proud to say that my photography business is continuing to grow. But mostly, being an entrepreneur, a creative, is continuing to give me opportunities to meet wonderful families, fellow photographers and the chance to be involved in beautiful projects. I am proud and happy to have taken this leap of faith when I did, a few years back.

During lockdown in April, I invited photographers to join me to find light. Hundreds of photographers followed the project that consisted in taking and publishing 1 photo a day. The aim was to photograph the confinement but always trying to find the light and improve technique and art. I am so happy and humbled to have been able to gather a supportive and creative community during a time that was really difficult for some of us.

I have renewed my love for learning and teaching with setting up photography mentoring and courses such as Learn Live. I starting with teaching a lifestyle newborn course online on Portrait ou Paysage that ran for 2 years since 2015, then a lifestyle family live course on Empara filmed in October 2018 in Nice. I also taught at Groovy Photography Bootcamp in 2019 and 2020. I run my own workshop called Creativity, Light and Visual Identity, and coach 1 to 1.

I have worked with IKEA on their project for paternity leave in 2017 in Malaysia, work that was exhibited at The National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur. I also work with Chanel since last year for private events. My experience with teaching has given me opportunities to work on School photography. I have worked with International Schools such as St Julians in Portugal, Garden International School in KL and Alice Smith International School in KL and Wellington International School in Dubai. My work has been published in ELLE HK, The long Way Home magazine (US), Dear Photographer (US), and I have been awarded finalist place the two times I participated to the prestigious annual and world wide contest The Voice, in the US.

My speciality and my first photography love remains doing lifestyle in home family shoots. I love creating with families the photos of the moments they live everyday, in their home, that have become mundane routines, and show them how beautiful these moments truly are. I love to think that as parents, we grow so much with our children. I want these photos to be a testimony, an heritage of love and connexions for generations to come.

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